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We all know that designer bikinis are a big investment. They are our second skin for most of us. Which is why we should take proper care of these beauties.

Bikini Beach Tips:

  • Always avoid rough surfaces. Bikinis will snag easily. 
  • Sit on a towel rather than directly on the sand. As much as we love sand to naturally exfoliate our skin, it can sneak its way into your bikini and they are stubborn to come out. 
  • Oils and lotions should not come in contact with your bikinis. They will leave stubborn stains and could possibly damage your suit.  

Bikini Care Tips:

1. Rinse & soak in cool water over night.
2. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.
3. If washing is needed, hand wash your bikini in mild detergent with warm water.
4. Hang your bikini in the shade/shower or lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. 



Although our suits have been carefully constructed from the finest Italian fabrics to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetic, Kainani Swimwear (just like any other swimwear) take special care. These bikini care steps help ensure a long bikini lifespan and more sunshine adventures in your Kainani Swimwear!  


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