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We love adventure, we love exploring, we love to ROAM! After a long break between the release of a two-piece bikini, we've made a comeback. The last two-piece bikini we released was our Sandbar, and it was a hit! Since then, we've put out our Kids Lily bikini, Matching mommy and mini Keara and Kyra one-pieces, and now the Roamer Bikini. 

The detail behind the bikini top is what I love the most about it. The double knot on the top and the cross back give so much style, comfort and most importantly support! It does offer more bust coverage than our Hana and our Tasi tops and as a breastfeeding mom, this top is amazing. A little trick you can do to provide more support for you girls is taking the straps out of the bottom loop and inserting them on the opposite sides. Doing this gives you an extra "x" on the back and helps the bikini top stay in place. 

Of course, our goal is to always to provide multifunctional pieces with great quality. With that said, yes these ARE reversible! One bikini set alone can give you 4 different looks and if you change the back of your bikini top by adding that extra "x", the looks provided are limitless. 

The Roamer Bikini Bottom is a lot different from our other bottoms. They are a higher fit, sitting right under your belly button but still providing cheeky coverage that is so popular with our designs. Not to mention the side detail gives some sassiness to your style without compromising comfort. 

Tell us where you Roam, We'd love to join you on your next adventure. Be sure to tag us in your photos or #kainaniswimwear 




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